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goodvibesforlifeee said: Do you have any advice/ tips on dating a shorter guy? I'm basically 6 foot and my boyfriend is 5'10. The height difference is noticeable. I hate feeling monstrous when I'm with him, or feel like everyone is staring :/

Well the first thing I would say is you have to stop caring about what other people think. Yeah I know it is WAY easier said than done but that’s really the heart of the issue. There isn’t a rule saying that couples have to have the man be taller, it’s just what people expect because they are closed-minded and obviously have not met enough gorgeous tall ladies like us. 

Try to take the feeling of monstrosity and turn it into a feeling of pride. You are model height! And your boyfriend isn’t short either! Both of you are tall and a 2 inch height difference really isn’t very much at all. 2 inches is teeny tiny difference anyway. Like the size of a baby mouse. 

Here’s a photo of a baby mouse because they are adorable


The thing about height differences is, as long as you are both cool with it it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t define your relationship in anything other than a physical way. I’m a believer that relationships are more based on what’s in your head and your heart than what your physical appearance dictates. The most important thing is how you feel about each other.

Step 1: Hold your shoulders back, stand tall and be proud to stand beside your man. Because there is nothing wrong with being a little taller than him. Consider yourself statuesque, strong and gorgeous. 

Step 2: When you’ve mastered step one, put those high heels on. 

And just to send the point home, here are some of the cutest shorter guy taller lady couples :)


I hope you are alright with me publishing this, I think it’d be helpful for some of my other followers. If you aren’t comfortable, just message me again and I’ll take it down. 


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